Sallie Phillips

Sallie PhillipsSallie Phillips was born in Midland, Ontario, in 1910. Her father was a civil engineer, and because of his work, the family moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 1915. Eight years later, they settled in Vancouver. Sallie studied at the University of British Columbia and in Paris, then married and had two sons. In the early 1940s, volunteer work in her neighbourhood, the Dunbar suburb of Vancouver, led her into simultaneous careers in freelance radio broadcasting and the emerging field of public relations.

From about 1946 to the mid-1950s, Sallie broadcast programs over many Vancouver radio stations, but most of her work was for the CBC and was enjoyed by listeners locally, nationally, and internationally. With a smooth and expressive voice that "could really take it off the paper," and infinite curiosity, Sallie was a natural for radio. But she was also a natural for public relations, and her highly successful career in that field eventually overtook her work as a freelance broadcaster.

After retiring in the late 1960s, Sallie and her husband Dick travelled extensively in BC, the rest of North America, and Europe, in pursuit of wildflowers, fly fishing, and other pleasures. They moved to Vancouver Island in 1972, and have lived in Victoria since 1986.

Titles by the Author

You're on the Air

You're on the Air is a selection of Sallie Phillips's radio scripts, a charming and fascinating record of life in Canada, and specifically British Columbia, at mid-century. Sallie's voice is just as engaging on the page as it once was over the Buy from Storeairwaves. Each script offers a privileged glimpse of a time and place that is strikingly different from—and occasionally surprisingly similar to—our own.

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