Rosemary Neering

Rosemary Neering has been writing about the Canadian west for some 30 years. Her award-winning books include Down the Road: Journeys through Small-Town British Columbia and Wild West Women: Travellers, Adventurers and Rebels, as well as a variety of guides to and histories of B.C. She lives in Victoria.

Tony Owen, Photographer

For 25 years Tony Owen was creative director for Beautiful British Columbia magazine, and he supervised the production of the books Over British Columbia and Over Canada. Now a freelance photographer, he is particularly intrigued by buildings, inside and out.

Titles by the Author

Government House

The Ceremonial Home of All British Columbians
Photographs by Tony Owen

Government House: The Ceremonial Home of All British Columbians goes behind the scenes for a fascinating look at the past, present, and future of British Columbia's Government House.

In keeping with the House's new status, this book pays tribute to its long history and the role of its primary resident, the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Each former incarnation of the House is described as is the current magnificent building, from its hand-hewn-stone exterior, to the grandeur of its Great Hall, to the opulence of the Royal Suite. The world-class gardens, overseen in part by legions of volunteers, are also detailed and abundantly illustrated.

Buy from StoreArt/Architecture • 124 pp • 10 x 11
ISBN 13 978-1-55039-159-6, ISBN 10 1-55039-159-3 • hardcover • $39.95
Full Colour

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