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Rita Moir

Rita Moir received the help of archivists across Canada, but it’s her long-time involvement in the Slocan Valley that opened doors for her as she sought these rare and previously unpublished photos deep within the albums and shoeboxes of local families.

The Third Crop is Moir’s fourth book. Survival Gear (Polestar, 1994), Buffalo Jump: A Woman’s Travels (Coteau, 1999), The Windshift Line: A Father and Daughter’s Story (Greystone, 2005), have all been shortlisted for or have won awards for creative non-fiction, including B.C.’s Hubert Evans award.

Rita Moir moved to Vallican in the Slocan Valley when she was 23 and worked for the Nelson Daily News, the Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, The Fisherman, and Images – Kootenay Women’s Paper. A founder of the Slocan Valley Seniors Housing Society, caretaker for the Vallican Whole Community Centre, and volunteer for the Dumont Creek Burial Society (her much-anthologized story “Leave Taking” developed from such experiences), Moir has also worked in many political campaigns, can swing a hammer and handles a pretty mean chainsaw.

Author photo credit: Linda Crosfield.

Titles by the Author

The Third Crop: A personal and historical journey into the photo albums and shoeboxes
of the Slocan Valley 1800s to early 1940s

The history of the Slocan Valley is synonymous with the people who have travelled through it, enjoyed its abundant resources and built their homes and communities there. Acclaimed Canadian author Rita Moir, who has made her home in the valley since 1975, is one of those people.

In her new book The Third Crop, Moir embarks on a personal journey through old photographs and memorabilia of the Slocan Valley found in private albums, dusty shoeboxes and community archives. Along the way, from a perspective that only a long-time local can provide, Moir skilfully and passionately recounts the stories, industry, joys and tragedies of an era that was pivotal in forming the human character and landscape of the Slocan Valley as it is today.

The Third Crop serves a visual feast to lovers of the province’s history, with more than 160 historic photographs beautifully juxtaposed with contemporary images of the valley. Moir’s insights into the history of a place she deeply loves and respects, and her reflections on her experiences living there, are a significant contribution to understanding this vibrant part of British Columbia.

To download hi resolution images, please visit Rita's page in the Media Zone.

To download a pdf with some additional information about Rita Moir and The Third Crop, please click here.


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