Kelly Parsons

Kelly attended the University of Victoria, publishing in the field of medieval manuscripts and spirituality. Her poetry appeared in various literary journals and anthologies. In September 2008, her first full-length poetry book, I Will Ask For Birds, was published by Sono Nis Press and received glowing reviews. A student of mindfulness practice, Kelly lived her life according to its basic precepts. Her writing reflected her deep connection to nature and the poignant specificity of the physical world. Throughout the years of her illness, Kelly modelled grace, gentleness, and compassion for herself and all those around her. She remained fully engaged in her life, her art, and her poetry up to the very end. She treasured every precious moment with her beloved grandchildren.

Kelly leaves behind her loving son and daughter-in law, John and Alana Turner, and her cherished grandchildren, Nicholas and Maya; her father Harvey Parsons and stepmother Jayne; her brother Darin; Uncle John Hammargren; and numerous other family members and friends. She was very much loved by her fellow writers.

Please add your comments and memories to Kelly's online memorial book.

Titles by the Author


An Anthology of Six New Female Poets
edited by Rona Murray
with Barbara Colebrook Peace, Dorothy Field, Alisa Gordaneer, Suzanne Steele, and Susan Stenson

Open this book at any page and you will find a poem worth reading. The six writers in this fine anthology may not be well known, but they are not "beginners;" they are skilled and confident and intelligent. Reading their work Buy from Storeis, to quote Barbara Peace, like "opening silence." Rona Murray is to be congratulated for bringing together such excellent work in this collection.

I Will Ask for Birds

What is perhaps most remarkable in this, Kelly Parsons' first collection, is the authenticity of voice, a voice which exudes a largeness of spirit and depth of feeling. Each word, line and stanza of "I Will Ask for Birds" seems to reverberate outward, in waves of radiant light. Whether writing about an old jacket, her dog, or a llama's visit to the art gallery, Parsons' exquisite sensibility infuses poem after poem with a quiet luminosity. Unlike many who rush into print, Parsons, a Buddhist, has waited to publish poems that have been polished over time like smooth river stones. For this we can be grateful.Buy from Store

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