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Jenny Watson

Jenny Watson grew up in small-town New Zealand, dreaming of big adventures in faraway places. When she was 18, she spent a year as an exchange student in Thailand, where she learned to speak a little Thai (nit noi) and to eat curry and sticky rice with her fingers. After returning to New Zealand to earn a Master’s degree in psychology, she moved to San Diego and trained to be a technical writer. Jenny, her husband and their small but feisty parrot now make their home in Victoria, B.C.


Titles by the Author

Prove it, Josh

Josh is 11, dyslexic, and suffering at his new school on Vancouver Island. Sailing is his escape, until he’s goaded into a bet: lose a sailing race and he reads aloud on Literacy Day!

JUVENILE FICTION • Ages 8–12 • 160 pp • 5.25 x 7.75Buy from Store

ISBN 978-1-55039-211-1 • paper • $9.95

August 2013 release

Watch a video of Jenny Watson speaking about the long process of seeing her first novel through to publication.

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