David N. Parker

David ParkerDavid N. Parker is a curator at the Royal BC Museum, a position he has held since 1973. He has produced over 20 exhibits during his tenure at the museum and has published books and articles on both emergency services and aviation. Presently, he is preparing a history of the BC Ambulance Service.

Titles by the Author

Helicopters in the High Country

40 Years of Mountain Flying
co-authored with Peter Corley-Smith

Helicopter flying in the high country, pioneering new and dramatic techniques, brought fame and endless challenge to a small group of determined and innovative pilots in British Columbia and led the way towards a world-renowned reputation in commercial helicopter operations. Beginning with Okanagan Helicopters in Buy from Storethe late 1940s and Vancouver Island Helicopters in the early 1950s, British Columbia helicopter companies led the world in flying the high country.

Helicopters: The British Columbia Story

A Compelling History of Helicopters in British Columbia
co-authored with Peter Corley-Smith

Helicopter flying changed aviation in British Columbia forever. The early fragile-looking machines made vast areas of the province readily accessible for Buy from Storethe first time. Soon they were being used in surveying, mining, forestry, agriculture, fire-fighting, search and rescue operations and as air ambulances.

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