Kathryn Bridge

Victoria native Kathryn Bridge juggles a young family, a job as an archivist, and a burgeoning writing career. She is currently writing an historically based juvenile book.  

Titles by the Author

By Snowshoe, Buckboard & Steamer

Women of the FrontierWinner of the 1998 Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for Historical Writing!Florence Agassiz, Eleanor Fellows, Violet Sillitoe, and Helen Kate Woods lived and travelled in British Columbia in the 19th century very much as a minority... white and female. All four women left detailed accounts of their lives and adventures in journals, letters, and sketches, which Kathryn Bridge has incorporated into her perceptive analysis. "The women's voices come through strong and clear, as does their courage, strength, intense interest in life and the world they found themselves in. For a chance to see British Columbia as you've never seen it before, get this book. It is handsomely done." – HAROLD RHENISCH, THE MILESTONES REVIEW

History/Women's Studies, 231pp, 6×9, over 70 b/w images, ISBN 1-55039-086-4, paper, $19.95

Henry & Self

The Private Life of Sarah Crease 1826-1922

An extraordinary portrait of an English gentlewoman whose long life and marriage encompassed both privilege and hardship, scandal and accolade, in the old world and the new colonies of Vancouver's Island and British Columbia. Lavishly illustrated with both archival photographs and Crease's own drawings and paintings.

Biography/Women's Studies, 216pp, 6×9, over 80 b/w and colour images, ISBN 1-55039-071-6, paper, $21.95

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