John Koerner

John Koerner the man, friend, artist, writer and mentor is truly special to many, and I count myself fortunate indeed to know him as I do. I enjoy and am challenged in all our conversations and meetings, and follow his painting with great interest. In his work, he reveals the substance of the philosophy of Bô Yin Râ–the "illumination of the human condition and the connection with the spiritual sphere which permeates our lives." His powers of observation, his oneness with the natural world around him, his insights into people and the innate understanding of various cultures are very much the tools he uses in creating his works. They are also the gifts he gives to viewers: his ability in so many languages and in the international language of visual art. His work connects in a truly meaningful way across a significant breadth of cultures, and enriches us all.

Director of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Writing of Good Art
Max Wyman, Editor, Review of Books, The Vancouver Sun

Titles by the Author

Unseen Dimensions

Musings on Art and Life

A gathering of informal essays on the process and triggers of realizing a visual thought. John Koerner is both a respected, widely exhibited painter and an admired thinker. These musings, fully illustrated with his own drawings and paintings as well as those of other influences, reflect on a lifetime of learning, study, practice and reflection. Occasionally whimsical (golf and art!), often provoking (are aesthetics necessary?), frequently inter-disciplinary (musings on music) these essays are a marvelous window into the workings of making and thinking about art.

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