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Jane Austen


Jane Austen (1775-1817), author of Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and other great novels, spent most of her life in rural Hampshire, and her usual principle was to write about "three or four families in a country village."

In her own lifetime she was a favourite novelist of the Prince Regent, soon to become George IV; and now in the late twentieth century she has as many admirers as she ever had. The tribe of the Janeites, as Kipling called her devotees, keeps growing, and there are well-populated Jane Austen Societies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Titles by the Author

The Beautiful Cassandra

with illustrations and afterword by Juliet McMaster

The Beautifull Cassandra is a delightful story about a pleasure-loving young female who falls in love with a bonnet and braves the world. It will have a particular appeal for children in being written by one of themselves. Jane Austen, on her way to becoming a great novelist, wrote it when she was probably only twelve, some 200 years ago. Juliet McMaster now brings The Beautifull Cassandra to us as a picture book, envisaging the characters as small animals in eighteenth-century clothing, in the manner of Beatrix Potter.


Juvenile Fiction, 48 pp, 5½ x 8¼, colour illustrations
ISBN 1-55039-041-4, paper, $9.95


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