Barbara Colebrook Peace


Born in Yorkshire, England, Barbara Colebrook Peace grew up in Northumberland, not far from the border of Scotland. She loved classical literature from an early age, and especially classical poetry, taking her first degree in Honours Classics at the University of Manchester. On being awarded a fellowship at the University of Victoria, B.C., she enjoyed the adventure of coming to Canada and studying for a master’s degree, writing her master’s thesis on Aeschylean drama.

Subsequently, she married a Canadian, scientist Terry Peace, and they settled in Victoria. She worked for some years as an art gallery manager, and now focuses on her work as a poet, editor, and reviewer.

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Titles by the Author

Duet for Wings and Earth

Barbara's Colebrook Peace's re-imagining of the Christ story takes the reader on a journey that is at once familiar and marvellously mythical. Drawn from the Biblical record, these beautifully-wrought poems written from multiple points of view – God's, Christ's, Mary's, Joseph's, an innkeeper's, the manger's, and even a donkey's -- illuminate the landscape of first century Jerusalem. By turns playful, meditative and mystical, these imaginative renderings, imbued with the poet's deeply personal spirituality, grapple with the immensity of space and time and our small place in them.

Duet for Wings and Earth won the 2009 Word Guild Awards, "Book, Special" category (tie).


Kyrie: a prayer calling for compassion, remembrance and homecoming.

Kyrie is a rich lyrical journey through the dark night of loss and being lost. A search for the faceless and forgotten - the elderly with dementia, a sleeping mother with cancer, laboratory pigeons. 'The far side of the moon', 'just north of sorrow', is Peace territory. This poet is original, unsentimental voice provides a compassionate map of her country. One we shan't forget. As Wilfred Owen said in a different context, The Poetry is in the pity. - P. K. Page.


An Anthology of Six New Female Poets
edited by Rona Murray with Dorothy Field, Alisa Gordaneer, Kelly Parsons, Suzanne Steele, and Susan Stenson

Open this book at any page and you will find a poem worth reading. The six writers in this fine anthology may not be well known, but they are not "beginners;" they are skilled and confident and intelligent. Reading their work is, to quote Barbara Peace, like "opening silence." Rona Murray is to be congratulated for bringing together such excellent work in this collection.

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