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Ribbon's Way
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Ribbon's Way

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by Sarah E. Turner

"Oh no!" cried the little girl.

The baby monkey did not have any hands. Her arms ended in little round points. Her feet looked strange and small and twisted.

When baby Ribbon arrives, the visitors at Japan’s Awaji Island Monkey Center wonder how she is going to manage with no hands and with small, twisted feet. How will she hold on to her mother? How will she walk? How will she climb in the trees? How will she interact with the other monkeys? And how will she someday look after her own baby?

But everyone is in for a surprise. This monkey is determined to do things her own way… Ribbon’s way.

This is a story not just about disabilities, and the inspiring ways individuals meet those challenges. It is also, fundamentally, a story about being different and about rising above the limitations of others’ expectations.

As with her first book, The Littlest Monkey, primatologist Sarah Turner’s heartwarming story is abundantly illustrated with her superb photographs. The back of the book also features facts about Japanese macaques (snow monkeys), and about Ribbon and the disabilities present in this unique primate population. A delightful addition is a “find the critter” collage with animals and insects from Ribbon’s forest world.

PICTURE BOOK • Ages 4–8 • 40 pp • 9 x 7.5 colour photos ISBN 978-1-55039-200-5 • paper • $9.95 • June 2012


Winner of the 2012 Animal Behavior Society's Children's Book Award.