Penny Chamberlain


Penny Chamberlain loves old houses, especially ones with ghosts. She lives in a ninety-year-old house on the outskirts of Victoria, B.C., and she is a member of the Friends of Point Ellice House. The Friends are currently working on restoring the dining room of Point Ellice House to its former grandeur at the turn of the century.

Penny was born in Nanaimo, B.C., and now works as a physiotherapist in Victoria. She is married to entertainment reporter Adrian Chamberlain, with whom she has a daughter, Katie. The Olden Days Locket is Penny's first novel.

Titles by the Author

Chasing the Moon

During the U.S. Prohibition of the 1920s, an illegal, one-way trade arose—in alcohol. Canadian brews flowed south, and American dollars flowed north, creating fortunes that can still be seen in Canadian society today. Central to this trade were the rum-runners, their loaded boats speeding through dark waters, dodging pirates and the U.S. Coast Guard to bring their illegal cargo to thirsty Americans.

In Chasing the Moon, Penny Chamberlain drops young, courageous Kit feet-first into this dangerous world. With her mother in a tuberculosis sanatorium, Kit must spend the summer with her estranged father, whose mysterious nighttime activities and free-spending habits arouse her suspicions. Then a strange carnival boy enters the picture. He has an eerie way with a tarot deck that shakes Kit to the core. Still, something about him engages Kit, and, together, they embark on a headlong journey that will carry them from the dark waters south of Victoria to the "blind pigs" of Seattle. On the way, Kit will discover depths of insight she did not know she possessed, and will win for herself one of her dearest wishes.

JUVENILE FICTION, 256 pp, 5.25 x 7.75

ISBN 1-55039-157-7, paper, $9.95
Recommended for ages 9+

The Olden Days Locket

From the moment she first steps off the school bus, 12-year-old Jess is enthralled by Point Ellice House. Although the other students on the tour are just happy to have a day off from school, shy Jess feels she knows what is around every corner and behind every door of the beautifully preserved Victorian home. It's as if she has lived in those rooms before. Her repeated visits and her interest impress the guide in charge, who offers Jess a volunteer summer job.

But although she loves sharing her growing knowledge of Point Ellice House, Jess finds herself drawn to lonely spots around the property. There, persistent visions of a girl named Rose take her into the past, to a terrible disaster involving an overcrowded streetcar on the Point Ellice Bridge.

JUVENILE FICTION, 240 pp, 5.25 x 7.75
ISBN 1-55039-128-3, paper, $9.95
Recommended for ages 9+

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