Jack Schofield

 Jack SchofieldSchofield is what he calls a "Coast Dog," having flown as a commercial seaplane pilot along the full stretch of coastal British Columbia and throughout much of North America and the Canadian Arctic. Following his flying career he founded Aviator Magazine, a Canadian national trade publication that he recently sold after 13 years as its editor and publisher.

Schofield has adapted his first two books to a screenplay for TV titled Blackie's Coast. The author lives on Mayne Island in the B.C. Gulf Islands.

For more information about Jack Schofield, please visit the author's website at www.blackiescoast.com

Titles by the Author

Coast Dogs Don't Lie

Tales from the North Coast Shed

They called it the North Coast Sched, but it didn't go to British Columbia's North Coast—only as far north as would allow a Beaver or Otter seaplane to get back to base before grounding time. Calling it a schedule was also something of a stretch, as it was rarely on time. As one wag put it, "We could be on time if there weren't so many babies to deliver along the way." The "babies" were more often truck transmissions, logging equipment and large grocery loads for the camp cookhouses.

Buy from StoreAviation History • 148 pp • 8¼ x 8¼
ISBN 1-55039-146-1 • hardcover • $29.95

Flights of a Coast Dog

A Pilot's Log

First published in 2000, Flights of a Coast Dog is Jack Schofield's first book. This third edition of his ever-popular account of flying seaplanes along the British Columbia coast displays the BC Millennium Book Award bestowed on the original edition, and the book is back again in its original hardcover format.

Flying seaplanes along the rugged B.C. coast is a demanding job, depending heavily on flying skills and an ingrained knowledge of this challenging country, but more than anything one needs a well-developed sense of humour. Schofield has just that when telling these fascinating anecdotes about the colourful characters who crossed his path and some hair-raising adventures during 20 years of flying Beaver, Otter and Cessna seaplanes.

Buy from StoreAVIATION/HISTORY • 182 pp • 8.25 x 8.25
60+ b/w photos & drawings
ISBN 13: 978-1-55039-172-5; 1-55039-172-0
hardcover • $29.95

No Numbered Runways

Floatplane Pioneers of the West Coast

Their aircraft brought the miners, the loggers, and the fishermen, prospectors, preachers, prostitutes, misfits, and visionaries into the myriad inlets and waterways of Canada's unforgiving West Coast. These were the floatplane pilot entrepreneurs who created a succession of coastal airlines dating from the 1920s to the present day.

Jack Schofield's No Numbered Runways recounts the exciting stories of early and latter-day pilots whose floatplanes tracked the British Columbia coast. Often without benefit of charts, weather reports, radio, or navigational aids and, indeed, always without numbered runways, these ingenious aviators shaped the history of commercial flying on Canada's West Coast. This is a companion volume to Flights of a Coast Dog published by Douglas & McIntyre 1999.

Buy from StoreAviation History • 148 pp • 8¼ x 8¼
ISBN 1-55039-146-1 • hardcover • $29.95

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