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June 18, 2011
su young-leslie of in print jasper (graphic design) from jasper alberta.
diane, it has been wonderful working with you while promoting margo talbot's 'all that glitters' in jasper. i wish sono nis press and margo talbot continued success for this compelling and illuminating memoir. when i am next in rossland i plan to visit margo and warren and would love to meet you.


Aug 23, 2010
Patty Cassels from Victoria, B.C.
Congratulations on your gorgeous new website, Diane! May it bring you continued success in your amazing business. And I love the photo of Gus and his monkey on your menu page!!

Feb 19 2010
Lesley-Anne Evans from Kelowna, British Columbia
I received a SONO nis published book for Christmas last year, "Duet for Wings and Earth", by Barbara Colebrook Peace. I found it to be inspirational and unique. My visit to your website was in the hopes that I might submit my poetry manuscript for your consideration. Sad to see that you are not interested in this genre at the present, but I will check back from time to time to see if this has changed. You have a very interesting history, which I enjoyed reading here.

Nov 11 2008
Richard Quiring from Chilliwack
Thank you for hosting the delightful book launch with Jan de Groot for his new book, "A Boy in War." It was an informative and fascinating evening.

Nov 28 2007
David J. Copeland from Vancouver
Mr. Turner; Steam Along the Boundary is the greatest work yet on this type of subject of B. C., great description of the history and mining, excellent number of photos, often there are too few. Question, when is Mr Turner going to do the Copper Mnountain, Princeton branch; great mining material, and tough piece of railway. Secondly where would I find drawings for those wooden outside braced ore cars in the Steam Along the Boundary, I notice there are two kinds, I tried the CPR Historical Society, no luck.

Aug 13 2007
Deanna Kawatski from Shuswap Lake
Hello. I am a B.C. author who is searching for a publisher for her own new work. I am also searching for potential publishers to be part of our Shuswap Writers' Festival in 2008. I have heard good things about you from Lynn Bowen. Thanks for letting me wander through your website! Sincerely, Deanna Kawatski, author of "Wilderness Mother" and "Clara and Me".

Jul 30 2007
hrevey, robert from denman island
my connection to you goes back to Ace of Pentacles by my erstwhile law partner David Ricardo Williams, but I have not heard the significance of the name sononis

Jun 29 2007
len wallbank from salt spring island
i was aprentice at morriss printing on fort street and later at the new shop went travelling to new zealand, australia, england all on the strength of printing. sounds like you were about, though rather young, when i was there

Jan 17 2007
mark plumb from ipswich queensland australia
about two years ago i purchased a video called rotary on the rio grande narrow gauge, my friends and i have watched it many times, its great stuff! then i stumbled across "the thunder of their passing" thank you mr turner, a great photo on page 48 of om rotary working hard. a beautiful book that every railfan should have. best wishes

Sept 7, 2006
Brian from Murdoch's Bookshoppe, Mission, BC, Canada
Thank you for your usual prompt service. Sono Nis may be one of the 2 or 3 publisher's left that actually know how to pack books properly for shipping, and take the time to do so! Much appreciated.

Jul 30, 2006
Lee from Germany
I am choo-chooing through the net and am giving a big wave to this beautiful website!

Jan 27, 2006
Richard L. Provencher from Truro, Nova Scotia
Hello from back East. My wife, Esther, and I also love it in the West, as our daughter lives near Edmonton, and wish we could afford to move beside their mini-farm. Your publishing company has such a nice variety of books and we wish you great publishing success.

Jan 20, 2006
Donald Connor from Wyoming, NSW AUSTRALIA
During WW-2 I was in the Royal Australian Navy and saw the PAMIR on several occasions in Australian waters. A magnificent vessel.

Jan 7, 2006
Richard L.Provencher from Truro, Nova Scotia
What wonderful books to read among your list. I too seek publication for my own unpublished Juvenile novels and the voices among your selections would be wonderful to be a part of. Congratulations on your choice of selections to publish.

Dec 10, 2005
Dave Tierney from Sidney B.C.
Thank you for the Catolgue on Transportation (my interest) ... it is very good ... also I enjoyed your website ... easy to pick out interests. If you wouldn't mind ... e-mail me the exact cost and I will forward you a cheque ... I would like "Logging by Rail" - Robert Turner Thank you Merry Christmas Dave Tierney

Nov 30, 2005
Alyssa from Alberta
The Olden Days Locket was one of the very best books i have ever read. You should definitly write more books. Expecialy about olden day houses.

Aug 27, 2005
Grant Hall from Retired to Trail from Kamloops some 12 years ago
Welcome to the beautiful, pristine Kootenays. We read all about you folks, and we certainly wish you all the best. I would submit my non-fiction manuscript to you if only I were a better writer. Oh well, perhaps some day. I have had the opportunity to browse through some of your publications; first class stuff. Keep up the good work.

Jun 15, 2005
Merle Vincett from Galahad , Alberta
Attn. Julie White: I read "the Secret Pony " while visiting Ellen Hockley this spring. Congratulations, Julie. I loved the book. I have just received 3 copies for 2 young friends who love horses and a copy for our local library. Pop'lar Books in Camrose has ordered several copies for the store. I hope that you will continue writing. There can never be enough good books for horse lovers.

Jun 11, 2005
Steve Todd from Campbell River, British Columbia
A fan of Jack Schofield and his memories. S. Todd, Project DHC-2

Feb 27, 2005
Wendy Scott from Riondel -- in the Kootenays, of course!
Now that is a user-friendly web-site. I love it. Thank you for taking the time to learn the language necessary to create a site that is not only attractive but smart enough to know where I would like to go next. Now, it's up to me to find some words to bundle up and send in your direction, isn't it. All right, I will curtail the e-mails and get to work. Cheers -- Wendy Scott

Dec 7, 2004
Lyn Hancock from Before the Arctic our BC coast and after the Arctic our BC coast. Specifically, now on the beach at Lantzville on Nanoose Bay.
I just love your enthusiasm, Diane, perhaps I have met a soul mate publisher again. Reminds me of one day in the early 1960s when I arrived back home from a six-week stint on Triangle Island seabird colony where I had been living under a constant rain of seabird droppings. With hands full of herring scales from feeding puffins and murres which I had been incubating under my sweater while hanging onto vertical cliffs in gale-force winds, I picked up a telegram from Sir William Collins of Glasgow asking me to write a book on eagles. That led to my first book, There's a Seal in my Sleeping Bag. With the telegram came an all expenses paid trip to a fancy hotel in Toronto to meet his salesmen. Remember Keith Sacre the former Grenadier Guard, one of his men. Well, those heady days are over in today's world but I have never forgotten the personal mentoring and friendship of Sir William, Jack McClelland, Lily Miller, and more recently, Rhonda Bailey and Ursula Vaira. Somehow I feel that Sono Nis Press inspires the same enthusiam and loyalty. Thanks for your phone call. Let's hope we can do some books together. Now onto that article on Antarctica for the Globe and Mail. Perhaps then I can follow up on Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon - and all the other creatures that have made my life - and that of others - so rewarding. Thanks again, Lyn Hancock now in Lantzville.

Sept 17, 2004
Leo Beinder from Victoria
What an informative website and it appears that you might even have a few moments for a first time author if I were contact you. That's refreshing! Love the Kootenay's, I'm originally a Rosslander but have spent time in your area.

July 4, 2004
Beverly Martin from Victoria
i love the book Chief Earl Maquinna George made, Living on the Edge. i couldn't stop reading it and now i know more about my history.

June 25, 2004
Received from author Katherine Gordon's proud parents (Katherine is the author of The Slocan: Portrait of a Valley and A Curious Life)
What can we say but what a great pleasure we had yesterday when THE BOOK arrived. Tears of course. What a wonderful book to read and look at. Have to be careful how much I can gush (this is the female member from NZ). HE has taken priority, but I saw enough to feel really good about how you all made it happen and all those wonderful people in BC. So many still living hard times when reading your papers. And I really appreciate all the photos online you put for all in the world. I WANT so much to see what Winlaw looks like no matter how small a Hamlet when the area has so many tall people. Not in stature but in pride and self reliance. As I say we could expend a lot more but this book is as much a great joy to us as was A Curious Life. So love from NZ and many thanks for the pleasure of it all. From THOSE TWO

May 15, 2004
Haa hii gum' Hloks, Nancy Mackin from Gitwinksihlkw and West Vancouver
Sono Nis publications have always been of interest, and I look forward to reading the new book by Nancy Turner.

May 14, 2004
Am looking for railroading and logging and related industry`s and found your listing to be intreging. Hope to be back to order soon! THANKS!

May 4, 2004
Charles Anthony Pawlett from North Vancouver, B.C.
Wonderful books! Recently retired, born and raised in B.C., and becoming more and more interested in the history of the province. Have a particular interest in the CPR (my Grandfather died in a train wreck in 1929, in the collapse of the Surprise Creek bridge) and have a couple of Robert Turners' books on my shelves. Looking to read them all. Keep up the good work..

March 3, 2003
Tonya Williams from Canada
My sister, the AUTHOR, I'm so proud!

February 13, 2003
Beth Wallace from Victoria, BC
Hi, Diane, how are you doing? Hope everything's working out well in your new location and that your business is thriving. I got bumped from my nursing job in Sept. and took layoff. I'm half way thru a course in self-employment with plans for a bus. in the hemp industry hoping to eventually build hemp homes. Hope to hear from u sometime. Love to Jim. Beth

Tue, Oct 29, 2002
Gail Snyman from Durban, South Africa
I visited your website to get contact details for Susan Stenson. I was unsuccessful, but pleased at the layout and information. Well done!

Sat, Jul 27, 2002
Kuldip Gill from Vancouver, B.C.
Hi! I enjoyed looking at your Website! Accessible, tasteful and full of good things! A poet myself, I have always admired your poetry publications. Thanks for the opportunity to read the Guest Book and to comment. Best wishes...

Wed, Jul 03, 2002
Dennis W Cleaton from Powys, Wales, UK.
I found you on the Derbyshire website here when looking up Cleatons. Have you any CLEATON'S listed in your books,etc? I only know a John Hodges in Vancouver, ex Wales, UK. Best wishes, DWC.

Thu, Jun 20, 2002
Alfredo Ferreira from writing from Tokyo
Andrea Lebowitz was my first and last professor at SFU, in the 80's. Her humour, intellectual clarity and robust love of stories - especially women's writing, helped see me through, just about from scratch, alotta my growing up into a social and cultural subject. Still inspired!

Sun, May 19, 2002
John Brown from Seattle
Just received a copy of THOSE BEAUTIFUL COASTAL LINERS by Robert Turner. Once again, an excellent book by a great author!

Wed, Mar 13, 2002
Graham Macdonald from Baden, Ontario
An excellent and user friendly site with lots of interesting books that you never see on the store shelves!

May 27, 2001
Sarah from Victoria BC my previous note-If I was a writer and wanted my books published, how would I go about that? thanks!


May 27, 2001
Sarah from Victoria, BC
"I just love the fact that there is a book publishing place in my own home town! Most people think that Victoria isn't a big anough city to have one but Sono Nis Press proved them wrong. Oh, before I forget, do you know if Nikki Tate or Sono Nis Press is going to hold another story writing contest?

May 18, 2001
leslie evans from nanaimo
am trying to find copies of books by/about Gilean Douglas. Her poetry is very moving. I knew her on Cortes Island before she died, a great talent who will be missed.

May 18
Lewis Chisholm from Toronto
This seems to be the only link to your company via email. Kindly forward to appropriate person for response. "a dollar never passed through our door for a whole year" My book LIMBS (professionally written, 60,000 words) tells the story of my family of fifteen children growing up in Antigonish Nova Scotia, dating back to the arrival of my great-grandfather from Scotland centuries ago, following through the depression and my brother's demise in Belgium during WW2, and ending in fifties. Would you be interested in receiving a synopsis and example chapters? Sincerely, Lewis Chisholm

April 29, 2001
Tara Graff from Kelowna
I enjoyed your site it is very cool! Have have read your book taragon island it is very good! Well I saw you at my school Rutland Elme. you put on a very good show and your making my soooo... interested in your books! Well I hope I read more of your books!

April 25
Alcide Doyon from Victoriaville. P.Q.
Congratulations to Mr. Robert D. Turner for his excellent account of Those Beautiful COASTAL LINERS. It is a tribute to those that were connected with B"C"C"S" at one time. Sincerest salutations

April 09, 2001
Guy Verreault from Cordova Bay
Your site is well defined!

April 05
Mike Stanley from Keremeos, B.C.
I thumbed through your site and enjoyed the journey. I'm researching book titles as part of an assignment for a writing course I'm taking here at the Keremeos Learning Centre. I've heard plenty about Sonoo Nis, but since we live here in a small village, we hear little about the kinds of books you publish. I enjoyed it.

March 26
Thomas Langley-Smith from Kamloops, BC
I am a professional non-fiction writer, and as such I am always looking for new avenues. At this time I am checking on new BC publications with a view to review.

March 22, 2001
Tarji Nicole Lavington from East Saint Louis, Illinois, United States of America
I am just trying to find relatives of the Lavington family.

December 17, 2000
George Loewen from Saskatoon
Hi, I like your site! Merry Xmas.

November 22
Carol Priamo from Victoria, British Columbia
As an author myself I am very impressed with your titles and the quality of your publications.

November 21
Ian Leslie from Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
You have some great railroad books. Wonderful to find them.

November 08, 2000
REBEKAH SINATS from Victoria, B.C.
"Everyone will enjoy "Love and Pomegranates"...especially the short story by Kathryn LeCorre...have you published anything else by her????? YOU SHOULD!!!!!

October 17
Catherine Craft from alberta
I like your website

June 02
technical books from new zealand
please send updates and terms and conditions of sale

June 02, 2000
Patricia Koretchuk from White Rock
I have really enjoyed "A Woman of Influence" and found it to be informative.

May 21
Caitlin Smith from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
I think Sono Nis is a great place to learn. My favorite autor is Nikki Tate. She tells all about her charecters and you can really understand them. I met Nikki Tate at Spruce Meadows in Calgary and she was really nice she even signed my books for me! I was so pleased because she was the first autor that I met and got my books signed. I hope to see her again this year at Spruce Meadows in Calgary.

April 23
Elizabeth from Salt Spring island
I really like your books. I've read the series of Rebel of Dark Creek and Taragon Island. I think that you should make computer games for every series of books. I think that you should make more books for the Rebel books. I think that you should make a set of things to put in a book order for schools. Have a good time.

January 31
Heather from British Columbia
Thanks for the great Nikki Tate contest you put out. How old do you have to be to become an author, at least get published? (I won the contest and am interested in other's, so if you have any new ones, please post them on your wb page!!)

January 30
Do you know the song.."I may be wrong but l think you're wonderful"? Well l sure do...good luck!

January 12, 2000
Kris from B.C.
Nikki Tate has repeatedly visited my school, and I know that everybody in my grade looks forward to her next visit! Please tell her to visit lots of schools again...

January 12
Heather from British Columbia
I absolutly LOVED Return to Skoki Lake by Nikki Tate! Her book was full of real life facts and creative twists in the plot that made it the most creative, interesting and moving book that I have ever read!

January 11, 2000
Jeff Kucsma from Somerville, New Jersey
We've been stocking some of your railroad titles for some time now, obtained from Heimburger and Wayner, and think you're doing a fine job in that area. Regards .. Jeff Kucsma The Big Little Railroad Shop Somerville, New Jersey

December 11
Valerie Sherrard from Miramichi, NB
Very well put together web site. I found it easy to navigate, informative and efficiently organized.

December 07
Jenna from Toronto, Ontario
Wonderful Web page!

October 20, 1999
Barbara Jeffrey from Alexander Public School
Nikki Tate visited our school last week and talked to the grade 5's and 6's about writing. I wanted to communicate with your company about how effective a presenter Ms. Tate was. She spoke at an appropriate level to the children and kept their interest during the entire presentation. Our students thoroughly enjoyed her visit, and I am planning on implementing some the techniques that she shared with the students in my creative writing program. Thank you again. Barb Jeffrey (Grade 6 Teacher)

October 13
Brian Nurding from Aiea, Hawaii
I travelled on the Princess boats Seattle-Victoria-Vancouver many times when I was a child. We lived in Tacoma. My mother was Canadian and my father, English. Those trips provided some of my greatest childhood memories. Was browsing the web and came across "The Pacific Princesses" from your press. I expect it to bring back some marvelous memories of trips on many of those ships. I am sending you my order via snail mail.

September 21, 1999
John Eerkes from Victoria, B.C.
I'm glad finally to have found out what "Sono Nis" means (or does not mean). What? You don't accept MasterCard?

August 28
Susan from Vancouver
I've just finished reading Total Awareness: A Woman's Safety Book. Great book! I'm going to by several copies to give to my friends and family for Christmas!

August 27, 1999
Peter Hammond from Lindsay.Ontario
Ps to my previous note.I am also a model railroader.

August 27
Peter Hammond from Lindsay,Ontario
I am interested in Island railways and shipping

August 12
Michael Hoppe from Cinecenta Films
Howdy Diane, Heather and Dawn! Just found your website. Looks great! Nice to see your smiling faces. luv, Michael

August 07, 1999
Brian Norden from Southern California
"I'm new to the internet. And seeing your website listed in your ad in the NG&SL Gazette. Over the years I have bought a number of your railroad and nautical books. Now that I know what your entire booklist is, I will probably be considering to add a book or two.

August 06
Alan Smith from Toronto
I've purchased Vancouver Island Railroads and Logging By Rail... these are exceptional books and a great value!!

August 05
Annie Moore from Vancouver
I've read two of the StableMates books and LOVE them!!!!

August 05, 1999
Bob Johnson from Toronto
Nice site

August 02
Richard Gray from 14539 S.E. Orchid Milwaukie OR 97267
Vancouver Island history of railroading is greater than I thought

July 12, 1999
Leigh Doyle from Right here in Victoria, SAH!
I'd very much like to join this list of fantastic authors, too bad I still have to get my dream off the drawing board first

July 03
Brian L. Smith from London U.K.
Visited Sandon last year, thought it would be nice to read the book The Skyline Limited. And find out more about the area.

June 12, 1999
Jackie Barabe from Miami Florida
We purchases Book 1, 2 and 3 of the Stablemates series for our daughter while visiting Canada last year and she loved them. I was searching the net for the latest titles and I found You!

June 04
Deborah McVittie from Nanaimo, B.C.
Thoroughly enjoyed the piece on the histoy of Sono Nis Press. Thanks.

May 26, 1999
John J. Yates from Kansas City, MO
Wondering if my brother's old press was still kicking around.

May 02
Warren Jones from Vancouver
I am Professional modelmaker and am presently building a 1600 ft. "O" gauge model railroad diorama at the Granville Island Model Railroad museum. I am presently trying to aquire the book "Steel Rails and Silver dreams". Can you help?

April 08, 1999
Jack Curtin from Orlando Florida ( Winter Springs)
I like your books. I model in HO. Any suggestions on available models for the equipment in the books?

March 27
Hans Gallas from San Francisco
Just rec'd a copy of Picking Wild Raspberries from a friend in Toronto to add to my extensive Gertrude Stein collection. A great addition. Thanks

February 26, 1999
Jim Price from Prince Edward Island
I am interested in Peter Corley-Smith's book. I am a bookseller, and would like to know the prices for volume buying. also any other polar books. thanks

February 22
Georges Duval, MD from Gallup, New Mexico, USA
Recently visited your site to order a book about railroading. Seems like a very nice place to visit. I'll definitely be back !!!

February 19, 1999
Trevor Mills from Squamish
I look after the old things at the Weat Coast Railway Heritage Park at Squamish and am a fan of Robert Turner.

February 19
Dr. Joanne Ford from Gallipolis, Ohio
Where is The Man in the Glass Octopus? Would like to know if my poetry is still "alive?"

February 06, 1999
Charles Gay from Seattle, WA
"I saw a review of the book "Vancouver Islands Railroads" in the MODEL RAILROADER MAGAZINE and came to your web site to find out more about it. You have an attractive, well-organized site and seem to have the kind of books I really like. It would be nice if it was possible to place orders through the site. Please add me to your mailing list if you mail out catalogs.

December 30, 1998
Melissa M. McArthur from Victoria, B.C.
I really like your web page. It's very interesting, and very creative. One of my favorite authers is Nikki Tate, and I really enjoy her books.

December 29
robin pearson, nynehead, england from nynehead books, nynehead, wellington, somerset, england
we are an old customer of your company. still in business, we have ourselves published 32 titles to date on truck related titles.

December 25, 1998
guy daniel woods from halifax, ns
received brian brett's words from father christmas this year... am about to climb into bed and read it (the colour of bones in a stream) all in one go. just discovered your press through this gift, despite having lived in victoria for two years. good to know youre out there!

October 28
Jim Walker from Washington, DC
Just finished the Brown's book, The Legend of Pan Phillips. Enjoyed it tremendously after reading all of Hobson's books and a two-week visit to the Cariboo/Chilcotin this past summer.

October 21, 1998
Kelly Parsons from Victoria, BC
Hi Diane et al! I am at UVic and "surfing" -- found Sono Nis website -- AND me in the author listing. Incredible feeling! Very nice website, by the way.

October 09
Rex Andrew from Wirral (near Chester), England UK
I heard of "West of the Great Divide" when on holiday in BC recently and my grandfather worked on building the CPR in the 1890's (possibly to 1904) - so I was hoping to obtain a copy and read more about it. I was disappointed to be told it was out of print. Do you know where I can find a copy? Thanks in anticipation

August 08, 1998
George Tuttle from Surrey, British Columbia
Thank you for including us on your list of potential customers

July 23
Thelma Irvine from Nanoose Bay, B.C.
Was researching publishers and was delighted to find your web page

July 18, 1998
So glad to have found your web page. Was looking to see if you still have a 1985/87? biography in stock. You do. The book, by Richard Mackie, HAMILTON MACK LAING, is not available in the states. A Mack cousin in Toronto mentioned this book about our grandfather's 1st cousin, the hunter-naturalist. Have a copy on loan from Kansas University, but unable to xerox it due to copywrite law. My 88-year-old Mom, who grew up in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba was delighted to hear about the book. It tells briefly about how her grandparents (the Macks) & the Laings settled Clearsprings, where my grandfather grew up. Now I'll see if I can order it from you direct. Barnes & Noble here won't help, & the library book must go back to Kansas. Now, if you only had a book on the articles put out by the Saint John Times Globe (OUT OF IRELAND) which were taken off line recently, I'd be happy. The series were blocked for printing, so I read them outloud to Mom---at least she got a glimpse of the area where her mother grew up. Sent two email requests to the New Brunswick paper, but got no reply. Had great ref's to historical NB books. Regards, Kathleen Patricia White

July 10
Robert and Donna Dunn from Now from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Temporarily)
We are originally from Nelson, BC, and Bob was born in Victoria. He works for CP Rail. He loves books to do with railroads, and he has most of Robert Turner's train books.

June 08, 1998
Terry Ritchie from Andover, NB via Hamilton, ON
Keep up the great work. Cheers. - r.

April 11
Warren Burden from Sudbury,Ontario, home of the BIG NICKEL
My note is that I thank you for having this web site, it realy helped me out

March 18, 1998
David Bishop from Winnipeg
I was searching for information, ideas and the nerve to possibly attempt to publish my poetry. I came across your page I thought I should sign the guest book. I was wondering if Jim Bennett was still around there and if so could you say hello to him for me. thank you

March 13
Sandy Shreve from Vancouver
Hi folks! Great site -- and, hurray, I can now view it with this old netscape I use!] all the best, Sandy

February 09, 1998
Jacques Thuot from Cornwall ON
I have four of your books. I'm in model railroad and enjoy your books. I find a lot of modeling information. We visited Vancouver Island in march 95. Enjoyed the trip very much. Thanks Jacques.

January 14, 1998
Lillian Mack from Williams Lake Public Library
We are attempting to locate a copy of The Legend of Pan Phillips which was published by Morriss (do you still handle this press). We have had numerous requests on the book and would like to purchase a copy. Thank you. Sincerely, Lil Mack

January 09, 1998
Vern Gibson/Elmwood Hobby Works from 262 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg MB R2L 1M2
Would like to know if we can handle you books?

December 13, 1997
Barbara Pedrick from Victoria, BC
Found you while looking for Linda /Rogers on the net.

December 12, 1997
Dave Haselhuhn, Daves Hobby & TV from 29026 Warren Rd, Westland, Michigan, 48185-2626 U.S.A.
Would like a book listing of what you have for sale.

December 10, 1997
Barbara McLauchlin from LNews in Victoria
Wordplay is a wonderful new addition to your stock. Really enjoyed Team Trouble at Dark Creek. Glad to see Sono Nis is publishing children's books and more variety. Keep up the good work.

December 06, 1997
Barbara Roden from Ashcroft, B.C.
Love your railway books, particularly STEAM ON THE KETTLE VALLEY, which was also appreciated by a British friend and his father-in-law (the latter made use of it during a trip to BC!).

November 04, 1997

October 03, 1997
ross baird from 14 balmoral place aberdeen scotland
I am particularly interested in anything Canadian Pacific, Trains, Boats or Planes.

July 28, 1997
Greater Vernon Museum and Archives from Vernon, B.C.
Just browsing your titles.

April 10, 1997
Ajmer Rode from Vancouver
A creative writer, writing in English and Punjabi. Admirer of your publications. I have some of your seventies publications.

April 02, 1997
Brian Hutchison from Windsor, California
Robert Turner's books are great. I started with his "West of the Great Divide" that I came across at Munro's on a holiday in BC. The last one I bought was "Steam on the Kettle Valley".

March 04, 1997
Alan Haig-Brown from all over the place
Congratulation: A good looking web site and early off the mark to international sales.

March 04, 1997
J. Gordon Torrance from Sudbury, Ontario
Another bookmark added to my Netscape "Canadian Railways" folder. Am looking forward to reading Bob Turner's book on the KVR. Cheers from snow bound Sudbury!

February 16, 1997
Rod Andrews from Victoria
Always looking for new local/historical books. Will look forward to reading the Crease book. Have enjoyed a number of your titles. Cheers!

February 11, 1997
Anne Maclean from Victoria, B.C.
Very attractive web site - nicely laid out, easy to follow, and containing lots of useful information. I plan to visit again!

January 26, 1997
Darcy Mercier from Vancouver
Very nice job on your website

January 16, 1997
greg wright from morriss
nice website

January 14, 1997
Martyn from Your back yard!
Nice site

January 12, 1997
John Middleton from Anchorage, Alaska
I'm doing research on the Kettle Valley RR in preparation for a prototype model. Thanks very much for being here.

December 04, 1996
Thomas Reid from Sudbury,Ont.
enjoyed my look around. arrived via the Kettle.

November 20, 1996
June Fletcher from Victoria
I have been watching the construction of your home page. I like seeing the lists of books which give me ideas on what to read next. I like to know about the authors of books and see you have short notes on them.Good luck, I hope you do well on the internet.

November 09, 1996
Peter Corley-Smith from Victoria
Looks good to me.

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